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  1. Where is my tracking number?We shift fast, instead of slowing down the process to set up tracking.  Since we ship quickly and by first class mail, you will not receive a tracking number from us.  Orders submitted Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ship out Monday morning from Colorado.  If you selected Priority Mail, please contact us if you do not see your order within 5 business days.
  2. Where are my plans?  We ship orders out right away.  You should expect to see the plans arrive within the U.S by 10 days, or within 5 days if you selected Priority Mail. 
  3. Why is interational shipping so slow?  We're not entirely sure why, but international orders can take up to 21 days to arrive.  We are unable to control this issue and apologize for the inconvenience. 
  4. Will you sell me the plans electronically or send a pdf:  We sell only printed plans, and there are many reasons.  First and most important, these patterns are old world craftsmanship.  Each pattern has been hand designed without software or automation, as it would lose a degree of artistry behind the designs and not fit with our approach to quality.  Second, we believe it's more convenient for the customer to use full size patterns wherever possible.  These patterns are on large sheets of paper that come from a printing press, and your home office printer wouldn't be able to handle the job even if we decided to sell electronic copies. 
  5. What is your phone number?  We don't have a phone, but it is efficient to email us for a timely reply.  We're just too small of a business to staff a phone line.
  6. I can't find the right wood at the store: For the adirondack style plans, all are designed to use materials commonly found at lumber stores for building decks on houses. This is intended to save you cost, and for high availability. Unfortunately, at times it still may be difficult for people to find Western Red Cedar. You can usually order lumber in, but before doing so, ask the person at the counter where deck builders are buying their lumber from.  Sometimes you'll find there is a local store that specializes in only selling deck building materials, and if so that may be why your local lumberyard isn't stocking as much. 
  7. What is included?:  You'll receive full-sized patterns you can easily snip out then trace onto wood for precise cuts. An exploded diagram, materials list, and several pages of detailed instructions are included. A layout grid is not included because it's better to find the grain and quality of lumber at every section, rather than be influenced to include all sections of wood to satisfy a pre-set layout scheme, regardless of a section's desirability. For this reason, our instructions call for about 10% extra lumber, and so you won't need to purchase more lumber than called for in the instructions, as the amount allows for some defects in the wood.
  8. How do I...? Think for a few minutes, or if all else fails read the instructions. :-)  We can provide patterns, but as much as we would love to, we're unable to provide spacial reasoning and can't help build it.

We hope that you are our next happy customer and so let us know how things went. To give comments, feedback and suggestions, email: support@furnitureden.com 


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