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Dura-Strong Workbench   

Woodworking Plans - Dura-Strong Workbench

These plans make a highly durable and useful workbench that will be passed on for generations. The depth of this workbench is 25" which is ideal for a wide variety of projects.  We did all the math for you - all you have to do it chop the lumber and put it together.

* Choice of size - plans depict how to make it 4, 5, or 6 foot long
* Pegboard allows for ample tool storage within reach
* Strong Design - will last for decades
* Very easy to build  
* Designed to make optimal use of lumber
* Convenient instructions eliminate guesswork and mistakes
* Life Size patterns are not included for this item - plan and diagrams only

workbench woodworking plan

What's Included
You'll receive 6 pages of detailed instructions including diagrams and a materials purchasing list for the hardware store. 

At Woodworking Den most plans come with life size patterns; however, due to the size of this design, it is not practical to have Life Size patterns for this project as we do many of our other designs.  International customers - please note this project is designed in inches, and is ideal for use with stock lumber commonly available in the United States.  If using metric, you may need to convert the measurements, and the lumber dimensions available to you may not work well. 



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